My Art

My art stems more from an emotional response rather than a cerebral one.  I don’t interpret but rather bear witness to fragments of the world and its people.  In my books, I have found a way to give a voice to the unheard and a face to the unseen.  My images bear witness to what exists without judging. My personal work has more to do with self-expression.  I capture an instant in time and hold on to it until I find a way to transform it to fit my private world. It is a way to hold on to the passage of time and control it.  I can hold on to my loved ones, linger in quiet spaces and cling to life a bit longer. I am a frustrated painter and turned to photography to fill that creative need which I felt I lacked.  Since then, I have transformed my photographs through hand painting, printing on fine art papers and utilizing different medias, using silver emulsion as paint on hand made papers, to eventually working with digital photographs and different creative softwares.


~ by latanaphotography on October 5, 2010.

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