Favorite Photography Technique with Photos

To date, I am most proud of my book “Fragments” – the Abandoned Villa Series.

It was painstaking work and took me two years to complete. I remember photographing each space as I walked through the rooms of this abandoned villa in Tuscany.  I did not focus on one area but allowed my mind’s eye to take it all in…almost like watching or directing a film.

Once I was back in the darkroom (it was all done on Ilford XP1 film) I made a sketch of the image and placed it under the enlarger to see what “fragment” of the image would appear.  I then painted definite brush strokes with silver emulsion on different fine art papers and then went through the various photographic processes to completion.

At times I came up with the exact area that I hoped for and at times I had a happy surprise and it was better than expected.  However, if it was not what I wanted, I had to repeat the procedure over and over.  Although now, I could probably do something similar with Photoshop or some other software in much less time, I do not think that I would have the quality and depth of the brush strokes that I have in the original.

With “Fragments,” I was able to fuse photography and, drawing and painting, and come up with a unique and conceptual art piece.

You can view the result on my website:  latanastudio.com.  And look under the “Fragments” portfolio.


~ by latanaphotography on November 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Favorite Photography Technique with Photos”

  1. love these pictures! Wish I knew how to do this!

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