Fallen Angel

Recently, a close friend, a mother like me was discussing the spate of young suicides resulting from bullying. It is always heartbreaking when the young pass for any reason but is even more confounding and sad when it is a life that is taken by one’s own young hand. How does life become so terrible that to sleep forever becomes more attractive than waking up to a beautiful sunny day full of promise and surprise? The obvious answer, for some, is that life has become so fragile that there is not enough strength to fight the inner or outer demons that exist. And so…to end the torment of the tormentor or to end the torment of those inner voices…the long sleep becomes the only option.

Many of us, while young, have thought of suicide as an option but most of us through time manage to override those feelings of helplessness with various support systems or simply with our own strength. However, not all of us have those capabilities or resources.

I am certainly not an expert on this subject. I only caught a glimpse of how young people feel while preparing my book, “Barely Exposed”. 60 young adults is a small sampling and certainly not an in depth study but from some of the responses to my question, “how do you see your world?”, I sensed that underlying feeling of unease and fear of what the future holds for them in this world of economic upheaval, war and terrorism. My subjects were from different countries and varying social and educational levels. My choice was random. There is a quote that I find appropriate and I don’t remember who said it but it goes like this, “Show me a man and I will know men, show me a child and I will know children, show me mankind and I will know humanity.”

“How do you see your world?” Two Korean brothers answered, “The world goes around without us.” Jason “feels lost in the world he lives in.” Maja says, “The fact that I will soon be alone in an enormous, unknown world is scary.” Hagar from Egypt, “We teenagers are at a very critical age. Adults will have to understand us…in order not to lose us.” We as parents and as a society must have a continuing dialogue with these young people and a commitment in the belief that they have unique perspectives and their insights warrant our attention and very often…their cries for help.

Check out this link: How to prevent young suicides: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6353321n


~ by latanaphotography on November 9, 2010.

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