Travels and Color

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I am probably a frustrated painter.   In the early 80’s, before the advent of the snap and shoot digital cameras that can now metamorphose a portrait into a cartoon character, I reverted to the old art of hand coloring photographs. It was about this time that I started seriously traveling and decided to alter my travel images and transform them into large-scale painted canvases. I was mainly photographing in black and white and for some reason, kodachrome and fujichrome slides were just too bright and colorful for my images at that time. I loved adding muted colors to portraits or just a bit of color in some areas and leave other areas black, white or gray.  Obviously, I am not a purist.

I graduated from Marshall’s transparent colors on 8×10 to large tubes of Winsor & Newton oil paints that were applied to giant enlargements on photographic paper.

My first exhibition with the hand painted images was called New York Nights, Paris by Day.  It was held at the Musee de St. Paul de Vence in France.

I look back at the way one worked then to how quickly we have advanced with computer software.   Now we can scan an image and transform, paint, restore, etc. etc. and with a few clicks on the mouse or a few buttons on the camera…you can have an image that took me weeks to perfect be completely finished in a few hours.  The result is that now hand coloring is done by everyone and not very special but in retrospect, I can still remember the joy it brought me to bring my images to life.

~ by latanaphotography on November 17, 2010.

One Response to “Travels and Color”

  1. Beautiful photo looking out over the trees to the apartments beyond. I like the way you captured the sense of solitude.


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