Barely Exposed

Barely Exposed

Barely Exposed is a photographic book which explores the visual realm of sixty young adults, geographically and ethnically diverse in background, united through this unique series of intimate portraits. 
“Latana photographed the young people half-dressed against a  black background, accompanied by their individual meditations on life thus far. These images and texts are imbued with a sense of honesty that reveal the vulnerability and hope of their age. Latana carefully crafts a space for these young adults to express themselves freely and honestly, and in so doing, asks us to consider the universality of their thoughts and how they might relate to us.
These are images of young men and women, 17 to 21, and their impressions of what they imagine, fear, and hope the world might be for them.  They present a young person’s life gathered into the expression of a single embodied moment and each statement provides the terms according to which that particular young person chooses to name and locate him- or herself in the world today.  The photographs are a contrasting black and white and these contrasts capture the realities of the 21st century world as these young people make their way into it.  It is a world connected by technology but fractured by war, opened up by the possibilities of boundary crossing and endangered by pending environmental calamity.  It is a world that was created — and could be destroyed — by people working with and against nature, each other, themselves.”
-from the introduction by Alison Cook-Sather

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